Benefits of Using Hair Oil To Protect Your Hair

Hair oils have been part of Indian beauty ritual for ages. When it comes to maintaining the shine and volume of our hair, we Indian women simply turn to hair oils. Hair oils whether in its raw, pure form or infused with herbs and essential oils are the oldest known conditioners and root nourishers. They offer multiple benefits and help to protect weak, damaged strands. The best type of hair oils to use is natural, cold-pressed oils, because these are rich in minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids that form protective layer on the strands, improving tensile strength of your hair.

If you want to maximize the benefits of using hair oil, then massaging your hair and scalp twice or thrice a week. It improves circulation to the scalp that helps to strengthen the roots and stimulate the follicles. If you have dry, itchy scalp, regular oiling helps to control the condition. Even in normal conditions, it is a good idea to oil your scalp and hair to nourish the roots and improve shine and volume. And not forget that the simple act of massaging your scalp is so relaxing especially when you are stressed. Always start applying massaging the oil from the nape of your neck in a circular motion as you travel up, ending at the top of your head and with a gentle pressure on your brow, temple, and forehead.

To get really healthy-looking shiny, soft strands, massage in some oil on your scalp and smooth some on strands, keep overnight and wash off the next morning. It helps to revive dull, breakage-prone strands.  It also helps to seal rough hair cuticles and reduce the appearance of split ends.

While hair oils are ideal for improving hair health, here are some good practice tips for using hair oil:

  • Use natural, cold-pressed oil as they contain high levels of essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
  • Avoid using very hot oil on your scalp as because it hurts the roots.
  • Ensure the hair oil is without any artificial additives and strong synthetic fragrance.
  • Consider your hair and scalp type and their specific needs. Then choose a variant that meets your specific needs.
  • Be sure to wash off the oil with a good shampoo, as keeping hair oil on for over 12 hours can clog the roots and attract dirt which has adverse effect on your hair and scalp.

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