Behind The Brand: Pallava Organics

Traditional Indian philosophy sees nature or prakriti as a living and creative process, the feminine principle, from which all life emerges. That is the ideology behind the birth of Pallava Organics - to bring forth the life-giving and nurturing force that is within nature and women. The aim is to emphasise the attitudinal shift that we are seeing globally towards women and highlight their emancipation through this brand that has feminine force behind it and is all nurturing and healing. 

Well, three women – sisters really – were the brains behind Pallava Organics. Reshma, Reena and Roshni have always been passionate about health and wellness. Reshma, who is the Managing Director of Pallava Organics, holds a Master’s in Hospital Management and has an extensive understanding of medicines and running health and wellness entities. Roshni, who is the Director of Product Development and Marketing, is a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery, and also has a Master’s in Public Health. Reena, who is the Director of Formulations & Trials, holds a Master’s in Clinical Trials.

It all started when Reshma, developed a keen interest in safe personal care products during her pregnancy at the age of 27. She wanted to use products that showed visible results without any side effects to fight the skin problems that pregnancy-related hormonal issues created for her. Roshni found this to be a challenge. So, she got together with her sisters and brainstormed to develop beauty and wellness products that would have a therapeutic effect on the users. That was when idea for Pallava sprouted. The aim was to bring in meaningful change in the beauty industry.

They spent three years on just researching the formulation based on old Ayurvedic practices. The three worked with traditional Ayurveda doctors, PhD chemists, physicians, and microbiologists across Ireland, Australia and India to perfect various product formulas using modern science and traditional wellness recipes. Finally, Pallava products came into being – luxurious, non-toxic, organic products that promise to perform better that conventional beauty care products that you find in the market today.

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To guarantee that we are truly organic, we have highly strict ingredient selection criteria. We have ensured that our products are Certified Organic, Certified Cruelty-Free, Certified Vegan, Australian Certified Toxic-Free and Allergy Certified.