Here’s how you take care of dry skin in colder months

There’s nip in the air. Warm clothes, steaming hot cuppa is what your heart desires. But what does your dry, itchy skin and chapped lips desire? Some deeply moisturising treats. Dry skin is caused due to the lack of natural oils and moisture on the epidermis or the top layer of your skin. You might have a genetic disposition towards dry skin, but often the changing seasons can lead to skin getting dry. This happens because the moisture levels in the atmosphere drop as the temperature dips and your skin’s moisture barrier is breached. The result is skin dehydration, itchy and rough skin, cracked heels and chapped lips.

However, you do not have to live with dry skin condition in winter, just try these tricks to keep your skin soft and smooth:

Top tip # 1: Avoid using very hot water to wash your face and body. Hot water damages the natural lipid layer and moisture barrier, so that your skin feels tight and drawn. Opt for lukewarm water to bathe.

Top tip # 2: Use gentle, foaming cleanser with natural actives to cleanse your face. Look for actives like lavender and cold-pressed, natural oils that calm irritation and retain moisture in the skin.

Top tip # 3: Lock in moisture in your body post bath by applying oil on your damp skin. Try lightweight but nourishing oil like cold-pressed jojoba oil or virgin coconut oil that are rich in vitamins, essential minerals and essential fatty acids and help to repair and protect dry, damaged skin.

Top tip # 4: Exfoliate your face and body once a week to keep skin supple and glowing. Scrubbing helps to remove dry, dead skin layer that can make your skin look dull and prevent skin-benefiting natural actives from penetrating the epidermis.

Top tip # 5: Take extra care of your face at night by cleansing your skin at night and using a rich, and creamy night cream that help to repair and restore your facial skin as you sleep at night. Look for brightening and anti-aging actives like saffron, rosehip oil and lavender.

Top tip # 6:  Give your skin extra dose of essential fatty acids by having a teaspoon of sweet almond oil at night. It is loaded with vitamin E and essential fatty acids that boost collagen products and keep skin healthy from within.

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