Here’s why essential oils should be part of your beauty care routine

When you are thinking of going for all-natural skin care, aromatherapy with essential oils is one of the ways to go. Nothing beats aromatherapy with essential oils when it comes to improving your sense of wellbeing. Essential oils extracted from flowers, leaves, barks and seeds can be used to manage skin conditions, repair and restore it. Most essential oils are concentrated form of minerals and antioxidant properties that help to soothe and revive skin. They have been shown to help very dry, acne-prone, and oily skin. Not only do essential oils have a positive impact on your mind but offer a long-term benefit to your hair and skin as well.

What are essential oils

Essential oils, extracted from herbs, flowers, plants and trees, capture the plant’s aroma and flavour, or “essence.” The essential oils also carry the benefits of the herbs, flowers and plants from which they are extracted. Unique aromatic compounds give each essential oil its characteristic nature. Essential oils are extracted by steaming and distillation of flowers, bark, leaves or fruit to capture the compounds that produce fragrance. It can take several kilograms of a particular raw ingredient to produce few mils of essential oil. Since essential oils have highly concentrated amount of aromatic compounds, it is best not to use them directly. Ensure to dilute your essential oils with a carrier oil or water.

Here's how you should use essential oils

Essential oils offer alternate wellness benefits by helping to revitalize and energize your senses, reduce stress, alleviate pain as well as manage skin and hair problems.Essential oils can be used as an alternate therapy to combat various skin, hair and well issues and boost overall health.

Never use essential oils directly on to your skin or hair as it can lead to allergic reactions. It is also not safe to consume these oils.

For skin and hair care always blend necessary amount of essential oil into a carrier oil like olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil or rosehip oil.

You can also add few drops of essential oil to your shampoo and moisturisers for long-lasting effect. 

Always do a patch test before using the essential oil blend to find out if you are allergic to them or not.

When you are looking to manage any skin or hair issues, it is best to apply or massage the essential oil blend on your skin and hair.

Pour around 10 drops of essential oil into your bath water and bathe with it to improve your sense of wellbeing. 


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